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Cloud Tapes

New York, New York

We wear many hats.

We wear many hats.

Cloud Tapes is a NYC-based rock band creating music across a spectrum that ranges from calm and melancholy to brash and aggressive.

The band first released the "Parachute" single in the summer of 2015 to promote "Familiar Feeling," released later that year. The record was well-received, with many commenting on the band's tribute to and twists upon the alternative rock template. Drawing on a variety of bands including Nirvana, Heatmiser, Wilco, and many others, the band put forward an effort that showcased melody while attending to a variety of moods.

The band's second album, "If There Were a Reason" found the band improving upon the sounds found in "Familiar Feeling." With a tighter sound, more complex structures, and the inclusion of string arrangements courtesy of Long Island's Luminous Sounds string ensemble on a handful songs, the record gained traction amongst bloggers and music fans, with many commenting upon the band's combination of sounds, as if "Nirvana and Pavement met up for a relaxed jam session."

In November of 2017, the band released an EP titled "In Gratitude" and followed with a new single, titled "She Knows, She Knows" in September 2018 with an LP in the process of being recorded.